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English resources


English Resources

Explore The Week Junior English resources

The Week Junior English resources are perfect to help improve literacy skills across the curriculum at KS2 and KS3. In particular expanding children's vocabulary (including technical vocabulary), improving spoken language skills and broadening general knowledge. Take a look below at the range of topics available. 

Try using these resources as a:

  • Comprehension activity
  • Writing stimuli
  • Starting point for discussion
  • Research tool 

The Week Junior school reports

The Week Junior Newsroom

Premier League Writing Stars Poetry Competition

Premier League Writing Stars

All about Potter's potions

All about Potter's potions image

All about Frankenstein

All about Frankenstein image

All about The Week Junior

The Making of The Week Junior image

All about the Moon landing

Should celebrities be good role models

All about VE day

VE Day

All about the Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London

All about recycling

All about recycling image

All about renewable energy

All about Renewable energy image

All about governments

All about Governments image

All about Britain's constitution

All about Britain's constitution image

All about refugees

All about Refugees image

All about the United Nations

All about The United Nations image

All about The Mabinogion



Have you tried The Week Junior in your school yet?

All of these wonderful resources are just a small part of what is available within The Week Junior magazine each week. This fantastic magazine, The Week Junior coverwritten specifically for 8-14 year olds, includes the top news stories of the week plus science and technology, animals and the environment, books, sport and much more.

You can take out a subscription for your school from just £54 to help your students:

  • Access, interpret and question the world around them
  • Improve their spoken language skills through debate and discussion       
  • Develop an enjoyment of reading across the curriculum

Try it for free in your school, order your free copy today!