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Guest blog from Libby West student at Shelfield Ormiston Academy


Class 8A1's trip to Jodrell Bank 

As winner of The Week Junior Roving Reporter competition Libby West took her class from Shelfield Ormiston Academy on a day trip to Jodrell Bank. Here's Libby's account of the day.

On Monday 11th June 2018, class 8A1 went on a trip to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. Here we would learn about different elements of science and would get to see the world’s third largest radio telescope!

Despite the delay from the coach, we eventually got there at around 11:30 where we went straight into our first session about gravity. In this session, we carried out a practical where we investigated how fast gravity pulled an object down towards the ground.

Once we had finished the session, we were allowed to explore around the discovery centre. Here there were many activities to take part in such as experiencing the big bang!

After having a look around, we were taken back into the classroom to complete another session – this one about space and the ISS (International Space Station). We completed another practical involving: a balloon; a piece of string; a straw and some sellotape. Our aim was to try to get the balloon to travel from one end of the string to another. This was very enjoyable!

Once finished, we headed outside to have some lunch and to have a look around the gift shop. After about 10 minutes, we headed back onto the coach where we set off to come back to school.

Overall, the day was very enjoyable and Jodrell Bank was a great experience!

By Libby West 8A1

Jodrell Bank


Jodrell Bank experiment


Jodrell Bank teachers


Libby at Jodrell Bank