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Topical Tuesdays – Thousands of Children without Books



What's it all about?

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A study by the National Literacy Trust has revealed that more than 380,000 children in the UK do not own a single book.

This PDF resource includes an article about this study, as well as accompanying activity ideas:

  • Debate whether it essential for children to own books? After all, you can borrow books from libraries or read them on electronic devices, both of which save trees. Or do you think that it is important to have books in your house because sometimes you can’t get to a library, and not everyone has electronic devices.
  • Write a review of a good book you have read recently. Remember to say what it is and who wrote it and give a brief summary of the plot before explaining what you thought of it.
  • Write a letter to your favourite author, telling them how much you enjoy their books. Try to add two or three interesting questions to ask the author about either themselves or the characters in their books.
  • What are the UK’s all-time top 10 favourite children’s books? Find some research that has looked into this question and write down the titles and authors of those books. Indicate which ones you have actually read or had read to you.

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