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Primary School Management review


Review by John Dabell for Primary School Management

How do you get children engaged and excited about news and current affairs?

Well, you wouldn’t go far wrong by plonking a copy of The Week Junior in their hands, safe in the knowledge that you’ve given them something creative, meaty, intelligent and trustworthy.

The BBC’s founding mission to “educate, inform and entertain” could equally apply to The Week Junior, as it does all three with style.

In many ways the magazine reminds me of the glorious Children’s Newspaper, founded by Arthur Mee in 1919, which was seen as ‘giving our boys and girls a faithful record of what is happening in the world, and a true conception of the things that matter week by week.’

That publication ran for 46 years, and I see no reason why The Week Junior shouldn’t top that, given the high calibre of its journalism and impressive production values.

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