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Science Resources


Science resources

Explore The Week Junior science resources

The Week Junior science resources cover everything and anything science related. From national curriculum topics such as electricity and fossils to looking at the most intelligent animals in the world. Take a look below at the range of topics available. 

Try using these resources as a:

  • Comprehension activity
  • Writing stimuli
  • Starting point for discussion
  • Research tool

All About Electricity


All About Greta Thunberg

Pupil activities

All About Charles Darwin


All About Recycling

Recycling 2

All About The Ozone Layer

Ozone 1

All About Fossils

Fossils 2

All About Bridges

All about Bridges image

All About Hurricanes

All about Hurricanes 2

All About The Great Barrier Reef


All About Renewable Energy

All about Renewable energy

All About Intelligent Animals

All about Intelligent animals 2

All About Malaria (video)

All about malaria video

All About Albert Einstein

All about Albert Einstein 2

All About The Principia Mission

All about the Principia Mission 2

All About The London Underground

All about the London Underground 2

All About Earthquakes

All about earthquakes

All About The Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope 2

All About Space Exploration

All about space exploration

All About Sleep

All about sleep

All About Robots

All about sleep

All About Skin

All about sleep


Have you tried The Week Junior in your school yet?

All of these wonderful resources are just a small part of what is available within The Week Junior magazine each week. The Week Junior coverThis fantastic magazine, written specifically for 8-14 year olds, includes the top news stories of the week plus science and technology, animals and the environment, books, sport and much more.

You can take out a subscription for your school from just £54 to help your students:

  • Access, interpret and question the world around them
  • Improve their spoken language skills through debate and discussion       
  • Develop an enjoyment of reading across the curriculum

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